Clip on to the future of data-driven older adult care

Introducing GoLiveWear®, a movement tracker, fall detector and emergency button in one. GoLiveWear® is a sleek clip-on device that can be easily worn underneath clothing. GoLiveWear® communicates wirelessly with the GoLivePhone® app on any BLE enabled smartphone, making data collecting even more unobtrusive than before. Meanwhile the device helps the GoLivePhone® app to be even more efficient and precise.
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Fall detection

After the fall,
there's the call

GoLiveWear® automatically registers when a user falls and directly sends an emergency message to all informal and formal caregivers. Even if the user is unable to reach his or her smartphone, two-way communication between user and caregiver is automatically set up. You can immediately decide on the follow-up action.

Emergency button

Forget the phone,
push the button

With GoLiveWear® users don't need to constantly carry their smartphone around. A simply push on the clip-on device is enough to alert professional and informal caregivers and automatically set-up the two-way communication function on the nearby smartphone.

First senior-proof wearable

Born to be worn
by older adults

Elderly users find fitness trackers handy but feel they lack the right features and functionality - the outcome of a recent AARP study. The GoLiveWear® is especially designed to be a comfortable and easy to use device for older adults.

Fall risk assessment

Prevention and early-indication

Because GoLiveWear® is so easy and non-invase to use, it is ideal for prevention and early-indications of fall risks. GoLiveWear® tracks essential fall risk-indicators on a day-to-day basis. With GoLiveAssist® you can observe trend analyses and abnormality-indications to help you focus on the higher risk clients and better leverage your staff.


MORE amazing features that help you

Find out all the things the GoLiveWear® can do for you and your clients. We'll give you a round-up of the most amazing features that help you optimize operations and create new business opportunities.
BLE connected wearable

All you need is the right Android

GoLiveWear® works seamlessly with any Android smartphone that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). All the data GoLiveWear® collects can be managed with the GoLivePhone® app. For advanced data management, professional care organizations can use the GoLiveAssist® software.
Remote management

Checking the battery from a distance

You can remotely monitor the battery of all your clients GoLiveWear ® devices. An indicator on the clip itself will also show the battery level - and as soon as the batteries are low, an alert will be shared.
Water resistant

No matter how slippery it gets

Many falling incidents occur in the bathroom. Now your clients can experience peace of mind anywhere, even under the shower. GoLiveWear® is fully water resistant; the emergency button is always on call.
Wireless charging

Keeping the power level up is easy

GoLiveWear® is designed to be as easy to use as possible. So forget about untying the knots in charging cords, GoLiveWear® is equipped with the latest IQ wireless standard, for an even higher user experience.
Activity monitor

Freedom of movement

The only way to monitor your clients 24/7 is if they wear their tracking device all the time. The GoLiveWear® is designed to be small and light, so that clients can move freely and capture the data that underlie all the benefits of the GoLivePhone®.
Connectivity monitor

Always stay connected

Reliability is everything for an mPERS. You simply have to be able to know GoLiveWear® is up and running. An indicator shows the quality of the connection and as soon as this becomes too poor, an alert is sent.