GoLivePhone® App

Turn your client's smartphone into a smarter phone

Meet the GoLivePhone®, the app that turns your client's smartphone into a super advanced mPERS. GoLivePhone® app is equipped with a large variety of quality of life enhancing functions. It can be customized to fit the preferences and capabilities of its user. And it can be easily integrated in the work processes of your healthcare or senior care organization. This makes it even more amazing the GoLivePhone® app is up to 5x times less expensive than traditional mPERS technology.

Intelligent fall detection

Respond faster
...and smarter

The GoLivePhone® app automatically and unobtrusively registers when a user falls, and directly sends an emergency message to all informal and formal caregivers. Even if the user is unable to call or accept a call, two-way communication between user and caregiver is automatically set up. You can immediately decide on the follow-up action.

Intelligent fall risk assessment

Catch clients
before they fall

Take the next step in prevention and early indication in fall risk mitigation. GoLivePhone® app is able to track essential fall risk-indicators on a day-to-day basis. Our platform performs trend analysis and abnormality indication to help you better leverage your staff for the benefit of higher risk clients.

The help button

One simple push
alerts all

The smartest emergency button ever. It is always clearly visible on their smartphone. One simple touch is enough to alert professional and informal caregivers and automatically sets-up the two-way communication function.

the GoLivePhone® app

MORE amazing features that help you

Find out all the things the GoLivePhone® app can do for you and your clients. We'll give you a round-up of the most amazing features that help you optimize operations and create new business opportunities.

Schedule and medication management

A personal assistant for every client

The GoLivePhone® app notifies users when it is time to take their medication. A client’s meds intake schedule can also be managed remotely, which means that caregivers can access a user’s intake history and schedule, and make adjustments, if necessary. Intelligent agenda-setting features can also be used for a wide variety of daily activities.


No more search parties

Set up a safe zone and instruct the app to automatically send a notification, to both user and caregiver, whenever the user leaves this ”geo-fenced” area. This will also automatically activate the app’s navigation function and provide the user with directions home, while the caregiver receives the exact coordinates of the user’s location.

Two-way communication

Get all the insights without even going inside

After receiving an emergency alert the first caregiver is always able to set up two-way communication, without the need for the user to accept the call. This allows accurate, remote triage enabling you to always dispatch proper assistance.

The “how are you”-button

All's well that sends well

Save costs on informal visits to briefly check-up on your clients' wellbeing. They can use the “how are you” button at any given moment to inform you how their day is going.

Intuitive controls

Finally a smartphone seniors understand

The GoLivePhone® app has an extremely user-friendly interface developed both for, and by, older adults. The controls are so intuitive that most of the time one push of the button will suffice.

Location notification

Close the door on closed doors

Have you ever calculated how much time is wasted on clients that forget their at-home appointment and have your employees facing unanswered doors? Accurate location knowledge leads to a 15% efficiency gain for care visits.

Activity monitoring

Make sure
gets around

The GoLivePhone® app automatically gathers activity data (steps, calories burned, and total minutes of activity) and creating long-term trends. Caregivers can also get an automatic notification when a user has been inactive for a significant period of time. This kind of remote continuous monitoring can help your organization reduce physical visits by up to 30%.

Non-stigmatizing non-invasive

There is also a lot
the GoLivePhone® app
does not do...

To fully reach its potential the GoLivePhone® app is easily adopted by your clients. That is why we made an app that runs on a standard smartphone, making it non-stigmatizing for people of any age to use. While all our sophisticated algorithms work in the background to make your clients' smartphones easier to use, not harder.

Business opportunities

GoLivePhone® app doesn't just allow you to enhance current levels of service, it leads to whole new revenue sources.
Cool features for any age

Built relationships early

GoLivePhone® app makes all major smartphone features – such as texting, sending e-mails, using the Internet and making photos and videos – really easy. By offering the software prospective clients you can start building a long-term relationship with future customers in an informal way.
Healthcare innovation

Be the one to stand out

GoLivePhone® app is healthcare innovation made easy. Twenty years from now this will all be well-established technology; today it’s an opportunity for your organization to differentiate itself. All the experience gained as an early adopter will put you ahead of competition.
Great margins

Good return on investment

You can offer clients the GoLivePhone® app and related services with a healthy margin. This is your opportunity to tap into a new stream of income.
New business opportunities

New services for everyone?

You are no longer limited by geography and are able to develop additional triage services whenever and where-ever you want. Why not use your expertise to offer health care and lifestyle coaching services at a distance? Let the technology inspire you to new business models.
If you would like a more in-depth look at the reports of academic and research institute validations of our precision and value, please send us an e-mail. We would love the share our results and solutions with you.