Remote continuous care is now within reach

Unleash the power of the GoLivePhone® app with GoLiveAssist®. GoLiveAssist® allows you to gain real-time insights into the health-related metrics the GoLivePhone® app generates. Remote continuous care is now available on any PC or mobile device. Scroll down to discover all the added value GoLiveAssist® offers your healthcare or senior care organization. Empower your clients and the people around them to take a more active role in the management of their personal care, safety and well-being.

Simultaneous data sharing

Keep everyone
up to date

The efforts of informal caregivers are priceless, but keeping them up to date can be quite costly. Not anymore. GoLiveAssist® automatically provides friends and family with all the need-to-knows, reducing nurses’ face-to-face updates and phone calls.

Trend analysis

To predict
and to serve

Understanding trends and abnormalities in the routine day-to-day activities of your clients is key to prevention and early-risk indicators. GoLiveAssist® will help you reduce cost by shifting from a reactive to a pro-active approach.

Easy controls, easy implementation

No IT experience

GoLiveAssist® can easily be accessed from any browser on any device. The controls are very simple and all the data is presented in a clear and structured manner.
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MORE amazing features that help you

Find out all the things the GoLiveAssist® can do for you and your clients. We'll give you a round-up of the most amazing features that help you optimize operations and create new business opportunities.
Client support

Keep your clients active

Remaining active is a major factor in supporting extended independent living. With GoLiveAssist® you can provide your clients the support required for them to stay active and independent; unobtrusively and from any distance.
Remote management

You're in control

GoLiveAssist® gives you the ability to adjust, set up and maintain all the important functions of the GoLivePhone® app – including app updates -from a distance.
Client status dashboards

Better staff leverage

Experience advanced monitoring functionality with intuitive dashboard controls. This increases your operational efficiency based on accurate and actual data from your clients. Leverage your staff better with more attention on higher risk older adults and increase service levels with advanced risk analyses.
Location determination

Everyone in their right place

Using GoLiveAssist® you have real-time access to information on the whereabouts of your clients. You can even get an automatic notification whenever clients arrive at their destination, and another one when they leave again.

Stay in the zone

You can use GoLiveAssist® to set up “safe zones” and receive alerts whenever users leave this “geo-fenced” area. This function is especially helpful for people that are prone to wandering, for instance if they suffer from Alzheimer’s.
Battery monitoring

Get in charge of charging

Once implemented, the GoLivePhone® app immediately becomes a vital part of the care you provide to your clients. We have added a feature that allows you to keep an eye on the battery level of the device, receiving automatic notifications whenever it drops under a certain level.