Privacy Policy

Today, we live in the age of information. New technologies connect us to one another in ways that were unimaginable in the past – and that are reshaping our world. However, these technologies also give rise to certain questions. Questions that, we realise, need to be addressed in all earnestness. Like: who exactly owns this information? Where is it going – and why? How is it used – and by whom?

At Gociety Solutions we believe in complete transparency: if we’re going to gather, use and protect your information, you have a right to know exactly how we go about this. That’s why we have sought the help of the most able and specialised people in the legal and technical field to provide you with a privacy policy that explains exactly what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

And what’s more: it explains this in clear terms that can be understood by anyone – without needing to go through law school first.

Beneath, you will find two versions of our policy; one European and one American. This way we can make sure that you read the version of our policy that applies to your own place of residence – and which is completely in line with the regulations and standards of your own government.

In addition, you can find the ‘EULA’: the end-user license agreement.

You can think of this as a kind of rental agreement between you and us. It states that you’re willing to use and pay for our software, and that we, in return, can absolutely guarantee that the software complies with all relevant rules and restrictions – as described in the agreement.

Lastly: if our privacy policy does not answer all your questions about our methods and procedures, or if you have a question about the privacy policy itself, you are always welcome to direct any questions to!

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