Quality of
life in the palm
of your hands

The older we get, the more we come to realize what's really important in life. Like independence and meaningful connections with the people around us. Gociety Solutions humanizes technology to offer older adults just that.

is a state of mind

and a smart little mobile Personal Emergency Response Solution (mPERS) you can rely on

It's the little things that count. That's why we make our solutions so small, you simply forget you have them with you. Meanwhile they keep on counting. Registering how active you are and tracking essential fall risk-indicators. Offering peace of mind to the people that care.

Empowering older adults

in their everyday life

We create solutions with superior usability to empower older adults in their everyday life. Allowing them to take a more active role in the management of their personal care, safety and well-being.

Let's benefit from

tomorrow's technology today

Gociety Solutions believes that all generations should benefit from the latest advances in science and technology. Especially older adults can take great advantage of innovations in personal metrics tracking and responsive healthcare. Gociety Solutions is here to make sure they do.

Connected living

We strive for truly connecting living in a society of active and independent older adults: Gociety!

Please see our solutions page and find out how Gociety Solutions can help your health care or senior care organization raise the bar on service excellence.

see our solutions page